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Pet Fit For Life

Adjustable Dog Waste Shovel & Rake with Bags

Adjustable Dog Waste Shovel & Rake with Bags

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Pet Fit For Life Pooper Scooper Rake and Tray/Shovel Pet Waste Removal Tool

Picking up those "landmines" left by your pets in the yard can be a back breaking chore. Are you looking for a great tool to help ease the pain? The Pet Fit For Life Pooper Scooper Rake and Shovel Tool gets the dirty job done.

Product Features:

* Built to last - Made with pride from rolled aluminum and steel. Spring-loaded nodules lock the parts in place when assembled.
* Interchangeable posts - This pooper scooper is extremely versatile and flexible in design. Mix and match the post for the rake and shovel to get the desired length that's just right for any task.
* Long, ergonomic handle - Handle measures a full 37" for the scoop and 36" for the rake. Helps to prevent bending and reduce back pain while cleaning up after your pets.
* Easy to assemble and store - Parts go together effortlessly. With the spring-loaded nodules on the posts assembly is a breeze.
* Easy to clean - Clean after use is so simple. The tray and rake are powder coated so debris washes right off with a quick spray of the garden hose.
* Makes a great gift - Do you have a family member or friend that is getting a new puppy or kitten? The Pet Fit For Life Pooper Scooper Rake and Tray makes a great gift!
* BONUS - As a thank you to our customers we included a handy poop bag dispenser and roll of 50 poop bags with every order! Thank you for considering our product, we really appreciate your business.

At Pet Fit For Life we stand behind our products with a 100% customer satisfaction, money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact us and we will replace or refund no questions asked. Our success is measured by your satisfaction!!!

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