Pet Fit For Life Hero Program

The word crisis does not begin to cover the situation for innocent animals today. There are more homeless animals in the world than ever and the shelters are packed to the rafters. Saddest of all, 2021 was the first time in five years the number of euthanized pets increased from the previous year.

With every crisis comes a new kind of hero. Here at Pet Fit For Life we are in awe of all the amazing organizations and individuals that are working in shelters, running rescues, or opening their home as fosters to animals in need. Their work is rewarding, but also heartbreaking, relentless, and never-ending. We can't all be on the frontlines for these animals, but we all can help those that are!

Hero Program: You Save 5%, We Give 5%

Pet Fit For Life partners with life-saving organizations to donate 5% of all purchases made using their special code. Just shop all our great pet products here on our site. Use the code at checkout to save 5% on your entire purchase, and we will donate the same amount you saved to that organization.

Together, we can do our small part to help their huge mission!


Want to nominate a hero? Just email us:

  • Companion Pets in Crisis

    "CPiC" is a Phoenix, Arizona based Animal Emergency Response organization. CPiC assists first responders on scene when pets are involved in an emergency situation, attending to the pets, and providing resources with the intention of keeping pets and their families together in times of crisis.

    Use code LOVE4CPIC at checkout to save 5% and we'll donate 5% of your purchase.

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  • Philly Rescue Angels

    Located in Philadelphia, "PRAI" has touched our hearts with the work they have done to save so many dogs from the Lancaster puppy mills. Breeder dogs that are "used up" along with puppies that are considered "unsellable" are discarded like trash by these sub-human breeders. PRAI has rescued hundreds of these dogs.

    Use code LOVE4PRAI at checkout to save 5% and we'll donate 5% of your purchase.

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  • Billy the Kidden Rescue

    Since 2013, "BTKR" has improved the lives of displaced kitties in Portsmouth, VA by socializing outdoor-born & unwanted kittens for adoption into forever homes. Through their TNR program, they have also reduced the number of kittens born into an environment in which their chance of survival is slim and their suffering inevitable. 

    Use code LOVE4BTKR at checkout to save 5% and we'll donate 5% of your purchase.

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