Dog Outdoor Hanging Bungee Toy

  • Another great new product from PFFL! We've taken the enormously popular hanging bungee tug toy and made it even better. Ours has no metal clips or any other metal pieces, so you won't worry about it hurting your dog! We also used extra durable and stretchy rope, created two chew toy attachments, and added the hilarious giant tennis ball as a bonus!
  • Made for those extra energetic pups, this toy can keep them running around and entertained for hours. The bungee toy attachments can hang just in front of their faces, letting them tug, pull, chase, and more! Your furry friend will get exercise and have fun and you can just enjoy the show.
  • Our bungee toy is adjustable and super easy to install. Simply loop tug toy attachment of your choice around itself onto the loop on the end of the bungee, then wrap and fasten around the limb of a tree. Rope height can be adjusted to fit dogs of any size.
  • We've also tested and designed our toy to be extra safe and reliable. The bungee cord is durable and built to last, the rope can withstand super tough chewers, and with no metal included anywhere we've taken the step to be sure your dogs teeth are safe when playing.
  • As an added thank you, we've included our giant tennis ball toy at no extra cost. We've been told countless times how fun it is to watch dogs of all sizes push and play with it. Now you can join the fun too!