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Pet Fit For Life

Raised Pet Feeding Station - Bonus Cat Wand

Raised Pet Feeding Station - Bonus Cat Wand

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Pet Fit For Life Raised Resin and Stainless Steel Double Pet Feeder Bowl

Are you looking for a safe, clean option for feeding your pets? The Pet Fit For Life double feeder is the perfect solution. Quality is job #1 for us.

Product Features

* Solid, quality construction, yet lightweight (approx 10 oz.) Made from premium material, including resin and stainless steel.
* Integrated "No Spill Zone" built right in. The front of the feeder curls up to form a food and water catcher that will keep your floor clean and dry.
* Slightly raised and tilted design helps your pets to swallow and aids in digestion.
* Dishwasher safe, both stainless steel bowls are easily removed and can be placed in the dishwasher along with the stand for easy cleanup.
* Each stainless steel bowl hold the equivalent of 16 fluid ounces. The stand measures 15" x 10" x 4"
* BONUS - As always, at Pet Fit For Life, we included a special bonus for you and your kitty. We added one of our most popular cat teaser toys. a 30" wand along with 2 of our most popular attachments. Just for you because we really appreciate your business.

The Pet Fit For Life resin, stainless steel double slightly elevated cat/dog water and food dish is made from quality materials and built to last. It's a great value and can be used at home or for travel. Simple to clean and maintain. By one for the kitchen and one for the camper when traveling with your pets.

Click *Add To Cart* above...Get your new Pet Fit For Life Double Feeder and your *BONUS Pet Fit For Life Cat Teaser* And remember, all Pet Fit For Life products come with an exclusive 100% money back guarantee.

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