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Pet Fit For Life

Cat Wand Attachments - 4 Feathers, 1 Mouse, 1 Worm

Cat Wand Attachments - 4 Feathers, 1 Mouse, 1 Worm

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Product Details

Included in Package: 7 Cat Wand Attachments
  • Easy on/off design 
  • Compatible with Pet Fit For Life cat wands as well as most other brands
  • Tough, durable design
  • Simulates real live action for your cat's delight
  • Product Description

    Are you looking for new, exciting attachments for your cat wand?  Look no further!  Pet Fit For Life has put together a collection of our best action feathers and toys (chosen by your cats) just for you.   Buy a pack today and let the fun begin again.  Your cat will be thrilled by this assortment of add-ons for your wand.  Introduce them 1 at a time and watch your cat go crazy again for their favorite toy.  Our 7 Piece Replacement Pack contains:

    4 Assorted fluffy feather toys

    1 Furry boa

    1 Irresistible furry mouse

    1 Neon orange squiggly worm

    This assortment is guaranteed to get you cat up and moving again.  Watch them come running when they hear the bells jingle.  It's time to play!  This 7 piece set will keep them jumping and bouncing until you put the wand away.  It's a great value and great product. You can't go wrong with these additional toys from Pet Fit For Life.

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