About Pet Fit For Life

Pet Fit For Life was started in September 2013 based on our passion to provide quality products directly related to keeping our pets healthy and happy.  Our products are designed to:

🐾 Get our pets up and moving 🐾

🐾 Create interactive fun for both our pets and us 🐾

🐾 Provide quality products at an affordable price 🐾

We are a family team whose vision is to create products that will inspire our customers to interact with their pets (and vice versa!).  We are dedicated to creating a line of products that help both you and your pet stay healthy. We design fun, interactive ways to get our pets moving and keep them active. This has been proven to be not only beneficial to your pet, but also for you as well. We take every day pet products and make them better by adding one or more unique feature that make them better/easier for our customers.  As a result, we have created top selling pet products that have exceeded even our expectations.  We welcome suggestions and input from our customers as we are always looking for new products or ways to make improvements to our existing ones. 

Pet Fit For Life has grown rapidly as a result of our outstanding products and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to add several new products every year so come back often and check out what’s new. Thanks to all our customers for your awesome ideas/feedback and support!

In addition to being very proud of our products, we are very passionate about supporting the shelters and rescue programs that work tirelessly to help all the animals in crisis. Check out our Hero Program...

At Pet Fit For Life, our favorite thing is making your pet's favorite things! We are always listening to what you have to say and using that information to make innovative, unique products. As loving pet owners ourselves, we especially enjoy taking existing products and making them better with your help. Have an idea for a new product, or an improvement to an existing one? Contact us to share it!