Collection: Donatables

Pet Fit For Life loves shelters and rescues! We want to help them any way we can!

The products shown below are available to qualified shelters and rescue organizations that are able to secure pick-up or shipping from Portsmouth, VA.

If you are interested in requesting donations, please email with "Donations" in the subject line.

All products available for donation are shown below.

Scroll through and think about what would make life a little better for your rescues, but also what you might be able to give your fosters and adopters. Anything that might help these animals be more comfortable in their temporary home and help move them to permanent homes! Email us for a request form to get started on your donations.

Overstocked Products

Scroll past these to see Holiday and Gift products available for donation!

Pet Holiday Products

Scroll past these to see Gift products just right for pet lovers that are available for donation!

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