Pet Fit For Life Cat Toys in the Catbird Seat on Amazon

Pet Fit For Life Cat Toys in the Catbird Seat on Amazon

Pet Fit For Life, a subsidiary of Equipt4 LLC, recently launched a line of cat toys on Amazon and on its own website at The toys consist mainly of cat feather toys in several different variations and forms. These products have quickly shot to the top of many key search categories on Amazon for cat toys.

Pet Fit For Life had a goal of providing quality, reasonably priced cat feather toys while providing exceptional customer service. By implementing this strategy, the people at Pet Fit For Life felt they could position themselves to tap into a largely neglected category in pet supplies. Apparently it has paid off.

At the risk of getting into the weeds on this stuff, it’s simple to say that Pet Fit For Life is dominating for all the major search terms associated with these type products. They are also ranking very well for the main search term “Pet Supplies”. What does all this mean? Rank = Sales, the more sales a product has the better its rank.

Pet Fit For Life cat toys have gone through many changes since they were launched in late 2014. Through research and listening to customers, Pet Fit For Life has made major improvements to make these toys more durable, comfortable and fun to use for cats and cat owner alike. “We listen to our customers, and we act” says Holly Scanlan, CEO of Equipt4 LLC and Pet Fit For Life. “We get thousands of emails a week with the greatest feedback and lots of funny stories about cats and our products”. Pet Fit For Life says their customers are the best product development team a company could ever have.

Pet Fit For Life isn’t stopping there. They are constantly looking for different and innovative products to bring on line. New products are in the pipeline as we speak, ready to be launched in the coming months. Pet Fit For Life will continued to use it’s proven methods to develop, improve and promote their pet products. Why not, the results speak for themselves.

Equipt4 LLC was founded in April of 2013. The company employs a unique business model to source quality products and retail them on the internet at reasonable prices. Pet Fit For Life is 1 of 3 brands controlled by the company. Other products offered by Equipt4 LLC for are Tapestries, Aromatherapy Diffusers, and Guitar/Music related items. The company is constantly looking for and sourcing new products to bring on line. They are hoping to take advantage of a 6 Billion dollar a year market in pet supplies with their new Pet Fit For Life brand. Visit their website at to learn more.

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