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Equipt4 LLC Launches Pet Fit For Life

Quality products to keep your pet happy and fit

Equipt4 LLC, a company based in Potomac, Maryland, has just launched Pet Fit For Life, a brand of products intended to aide in keeping your pets healthy and fit. The goal is to provide a source of pet products sold through the internet that will help your pet maintain a high quality of life. When asked, Holly Scanlan, CEO of Equipt4 LLC said, “We are excited to introduce these products and look forward to expanding our line to provide variety and quality to all pet loving people”.

Equipt4 LLC and its partners at Pet Fit For Life have worked hard to develop toys that cats, dogs, and just as important, their owners will enjoy. “We want to provide products and toys, that are innovative and durable to engage pets but are also comfortable and simple for the user”, says Ms. Scanlan. Equipt4 LLC has put a team in place to test the products and ensure they stand up to the abuse that seems to always accompany pet play and care. As much as quality is in the forefront of Equipt4’s product plan, a competitive price point is equally as important. Quality products that don’t bust the budget, that is their goal and they’re focused on it like a laser.

Equipt4 LLC was founded in April of 2013. The company employs a unique business model to source quality products and retail them on the internet at reasonable prices. Pet Fit For Life is 1 of 3 brands controlled by the company. Other products offered by Equipt4 LLC for are Tapestries, Aromatherapy Diffusers, and Guitar/Music related items. The company is constantly looking for and sourcing new products to bring on line. They are hoping to take advantage of a 6 Billion dollar a year market in pet supplies with their new Pet Fit For Life brand. Visit their website at to learn more.

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