3 Soft Strands Cat Wand

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Product Details

Dimensions: Assembled length 33"
  • Extra long 33 inch wand made of flexible, indestructible, non-toxic, polycarbonate
  • 3 soft felt strands with feathers attached to keep your cat running in circles for hours
  • Exclusive soft but durable foam handle for easy gripping
  • Strong, extra long, 33 inch string for extra bounce and fun
  • Product Description

    This Pet Fit For Life original wand is designed to use with 1 cat or multiple cats.  The 3 soft strands provide lots of action which will drive your cat(s) crazy!  Your cat will love to get their claw on the strand and capture it.  But then another strand starts moving and the chase begins again.  This wand provides hours of entertainment for everyone.  This is one of our customers favorites.  Our cat wand is:

    1. Guaranteed for hours of fun

    2. Guaranteed great exercise for your cat

    3. Guaranteed to unleash your cat's hunter instinct

    This wand is great for cats, young and old. Keeps them fit and active. Your cat won't be able to resist chasing these attachments around the house. Great value and great product. You can't go wrong with this entertaining cat wand from Pet Fit For Life.

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