After a decade of designing some of the best selling cat wands on the market, we have applied our experience along with all our great customer input to create...

Our most innovative cat toy yet

The fun of a laser, yet not a laser!

The light chaser beam is generated by a pet (and human) safe LED light, not a laser. It will mesmarize your cat for hours of fun exercise, yet present no danger to your pets or family.

USB rechargeable means NO battery waste.

No more buying batteries and no more environmentally UN-friendly disposing of batteries. Just use the included cord to charge in any USB plug.

One of a kind "call to action" bird sounds.

Call to action feature you won't find on any similar toy. Press the button to play bird chirping sounds that let your cats know when it's time to play. Once they make the connection, they'll come running eager to play and exercise as soon as they hear it.

Two all-time favorites in one purrfect cat toy!

Cats can't resist that little red dot of the light chaser toys, but sometimes they get frustrated that they can never get their paws on it. With the attached teaser wand, they can now "catch" the prey to fulfill their hunter instincts.

So unique, it's patented.

This patented toy is our own invention after years of designing cat wands. Innovative design incorporates a pet-safe LED chaser into the handle, turning your kitty into an acrobat and keeping you both entertained for hours. The same handle holds a standard cat wand with a 30" reach and a 27" tether for a different play mode.

Two most popular wand attachements included.

It seems to be a draw as to which attachment cats love more. Is it the squiggly worm or is it the feather teaser? We include both so you can let us know!

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